A fiesta applauding the beauty hidden in the unexplored Odisha. A celebration of the breathtaking heights. A kingdom of nature’s bounties. A carnival of ancient culture.

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Drench In The Purest Jewels

Unforgettable Waterfalls

The series of waterfalls evoking the landscape is a must visit. A livid and clean view of these mesmerizing waterfalls cutting the rocks through, is located at a secluded space away from the main roads and pathways of Daringbadi.

  • Midubanda waterfall
  • Putudi waterfall
  • Dadubaba waterfall
  • Ludu waterfall

Emu Bird Sanctuary

Located between the route of Baliguda and Daringbadi, this sanctuary holds various species of birds and an enormous open space for you and your companions to have an enjoyable time.